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Right. Busy day yesterday, in which I only got 404 words on The White City. Apparently, I have reached a staring aimlessly at the computer and frowning stage of this novella. La. Perhaps I need to ignore it for a while until it finishes growing a plot.

If you want me, I'll be staring aimlessly out windows.

However, in other news, Bone and Jewel Creatures is now available for pre-order. Yay! And I did finish the last and final and finally final set of revisions on "Smoke & Mirrors" today. So it's not like I have been entirely unproductive.

And I might yet get words on The White City today. Abby Irene is telling me she wants POV--so far, she hasn't had any, so it would be a break in structure, but I may not care all that much, since she's the only one who can narrate this scene and I'd like to include it.

Bah. Structure. It's for wimps!

Well, at least I have a set of Very Good Questions. If I can figure out the answers to those, I'm golden.

What I need now is a car trip.
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