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panama freighter wearing rusty brown

TBRE has returned from her transection of Darkest New Hampshire* with heroic quantities of booze, such that I have been forced to clear out a cabinet in the kitchen (formerly devoted to clutter and extra dog food) in order to construct a Shrine To Bacchus.

This is ...impressive.

I think we have something like a grown-up liquor cabinet now, rather than a bottle of vodka stuffed into the back of the freezer and a half-drunk bottle of tequila perched on the back of the fridge. Though it's lacking in scotch, currently. Hmmm.

Of course, all of this stuff is currently more or less off limits to me, because I am still On The Discipline** (and badly needing to adhere to it better, alas!) because I have been succumbing to the temptations of birthday cake, cold beers, and so on a little too frequently.

And now, to make some coffee, eat some Discipline-approved whole grain toast with hippie-style peanut-butter, and see if I can figure out what happens next in this darned novella.

*New Hampshire, for those of you who have not lived in the Northeast, is where we keep the cheap liquor in these parts.

**Otherwise known as Project Eat Like A Hippie. I am not complaining about the guacamole tacos, though. Not even a little.
Tags: alcohol abuse, project: less-of-me, the discipline

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