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bear by san

March 2017



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comic tick ninjas hedge

It is made of pirates, spies, necromancy, and AWESOME.

Today is release day for the awesome stillsostrange, aka Amanda Downum, whose awesome debut novel The Drowning City officially hits stores today.


Woo hoo! :-)

I just finished reading it. It's a wonderful novel.
What a great cover!
According to the stores here, it doesn't hit their shelves until a week from today. Of course, they could be wrong...
Hee. I just bought that whimfully this weekend. Coincidence, or confluence?
Subliminals! *g*

Also, gorgeous cover.
Perfect! Borders just told me I have 10 use them or lose them dollars. Now I know how to use them.


How do you do the number thing?

You may have covered this previously; if so, please just ignore this. You have a bar graph showing how many words you have written out of the total. How do you come up with the total number of words in the book? An estimation based on the number of paragraphs you anticipate? The average word count in a good novel? You roll a handful of dice and make them into a number?

I find your blog interesting as it often gives me insight on how a professional writer makes a business of writing, rather than a serious hobby. Thank you for enabling me to live vicariously through you in this.

Re: How do you do the number thing?

Well, for me, I have to write to a contracted length. *g* Estimating how long something will be is a skill like any other--one develops it through practice. So if I know I have to write a 30,000-word-novella, I try to come up with 30,000 words of plot. If it's not long enough, I can add complications. If it's too long, I can cut a subplot. And so on.