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i may be hostage to summer, but i'm a hostage not a slave

Today is actually kind of delightful--a beautiful summer day, and while it's quite warm it's not too humid, and the hosue is staying cool from the night before. And I managed to get 1441 words on The White City, for a total of 14,100 words, which makes me exceptionally happy. I even stopped mid-sentence, which I never do, because the numbers pleased me so.

I still don't know what the plot is, mind you, but I did figure out what the next step in the investigation is, and I skipped to writing that. Maybe my brain will solve the other problem while I'm looking over here at this other shiny thing and pretending not to watch it work.

14100 / 30000 words. 47% done!

Anyway, very contented to have got some work done, and now I am going to go practice guitar and maybe grab a nap until it's time to go climb.

Apparently this weather is a brief reprieve before tomorrow, which is meant to be a sauna again, but the Weather Gods have the end of the week cool and bright, which will be very pleasant--possibly even a little stiff, as I am supposed to be whale-watching out of Rye, New Hampshire on Saturday.

Be brave, Bear. September is coming. We just have to hang on.


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