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December 2021



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criminal minds reid runs like a girl

now my heart's like a blister from doing what I do

Got up this morning and took the dogge for a run before it got hot. (It's up five degrees in the last twenty-five minutes, and it's only going to get grosser. This is supposed to be the last day of icky weather for a while, though.) I'm pretty pleased--today my calves quit on the big hill, rather than my lungs. Go, lungs!

(My calves have an excuse: hiking Sunday, running and climbing Monday, climbing yesterday.)

Before that, I was out in the yard throwing the ball for the dogge and saw a female goldfinch, totally blase about my presence, picking seeds out of the sunflowers. I planted them for her and her ilk, so that was pretty nice.

Now, shower, laundry, breakfast, and another four or six pages on The White City before lunch. I have pears from the trees in the back yard and blackberries from the bushes in my mom's yard, and they are going inside me very soon now.

Honnold in Tuolumne from Tim Kemple on Vimeo.

...Yeah. You go, dude. I'll sit here and eat your eggs.


Wait, what exactly is he hanging onto in that first bit? Molecules sticking out of the rock? Now I remember why I was never good at climbing.

"My cholesterol is not so good though". Dude, no shit. Also - What, no bacon?

Tiny little crimpers.
no, not the tools... The part where he says something about occlusions in the granite that look like they stick up all of four molecules and he just squeezes them tightly. I would die horribly, splattered on the ground.
Happy Wednesday
Thanks for feeding the goldfinches and their ilk. :)
Wow. Hardcore climber.

(Also, pretty. :P )
I grew up just down the road from there. That dude has suction cups for fingers.
It's not just having suction cups. It's being string enough to chin yourself on them.

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