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bear by san

March 2017



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jarts: internet lawn defense league

i'm on the side that's always lost against the side of heaven

Radio Paradise just played this. Caught my ear so I thought I would pass it on.



I adore radio paradise.
Ooh, me like.
I loved the pubs in Wales when they all started singing .. this is a wonderful song.
They're a fine band, and that one is one of their live staples, although it has a somewhat chequered history. I like the song, but it always makes me think of the problems it's had.
'Show of Hands' is (are?) wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
English folk... yay, we do have some!


I like, thanks for highlighting it!
You're welcome! I think they sound a bit Oysterbandish, as another friend pointed out.
*runs off to Youtube to search out Oysterband*

Acoustic folk with a touch of rock and willing to steal from everywhere and anywhere fun to make very good music, yes ;)
Let's see, Italian Violin, bastardized Greek Bouzouki, German bass.. Yah, sure, that's English alright. ;-)

great fight song.. Hope the Aryans don't pick it up.
The BNP (British National Party - our local racist mob) tried to use it, but SOH quickly stepped on it and told them in no uncertain terms to desist
Good for them... BTW, i hate American Pie too. Was the other song "Devil Came down to Georgia" That too. Worse.

Oh, and i forgot American Steel string guitar too on my instrument list..

There is an "English Guitar" The Portuguese play it... hehehehehehe
I think SOH helped with the forming of Folk Against Fascism because of this incident. :)
I was going to ask Bear, but why not go to the source as it were:

What is that instrument that looks like a pear-shaped acoustic guitar? (was that the Bastardized Greek Bouzouki?)
Ooooo! Ooooo! stwish, you have to look at one of the other Show of Hands Youtube vids! It has shots of their luthier at work, in his workshop - might be of professional curiosity to you :-)

thanks.. it didnt want to run, buffering issues. Usually those teardrop things are called Bouzoukis or Citterns, Zouks have eight strings, Citterns ten. They are classically octave mandolins or mandocellos, tuned differently, but the instrument is only twenty or thirty years old, with lots of variants..

This guy, Andy somebody, whose name escapes me, is given credit for taking the Greek six sting instrument and making it Irish.

But there are lots and lots of variants, mando family, tamboritzas, Bouzoukis, god only knows. All around the Balkans, Italy, Greece,Turkey, up into Russia where the three string Balilika family takes over.
Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
I liked that - and I hadn't heard them before. Thanks!
Radio Paradise makes my day, and now so have you! I love this song.
OMG awesome! I wanna go to a pub where every one gets drunk and starts singing
(We don't have much singing in pubs in Australia other than karaoke.)
Your Video, tested on a field sample of red necks, gets a hearty YeeeeeeHAw!!!


Agree that that song is great.

if you want to see some great live roots music in Australia I suggest the Waifs or the Audreys for a start, the Cat Empire are also great live but not so much roots. They have all been touring recently. There is also the West Coast (and East Coast) Blues and Roots festival and in my opinion the even better WOMAD ( Adelaide) depending on where exactly you are.
Hey, thanks! If I'm ever in Australia (I would liek to visit) I will check them out.

I've got a vision of urban sprawl,
And pubs where nobody sings at all
Oh, nice. Thank you.
Stunning lyrics. Thanks for the rec!

"How will we know where we come from?
I've lost St. George in the Union Jack
It's my flag too and I want it back"