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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds elle lucky

Now that I have spent two hours reading and writing about decomposition, it's time for lunch!

(1385 words on The White City. Might be more later--I have the evening free.)


A colleague and I agreed we had been at our job a bit too long when I called her while I was eating lunch to discuss a mental status exam on an especially florid schizophrenic, and caught her while she was also eating lunch and reviewing a particularly detailed pathology report for a claimant with metastatic cancer, prepared by a pathologist with a real gift* for descriptive writing. We swapped details quite cheerfully until it dawned on us that we really out to be too disturbed to eat while we read all this.

*School of Lovecraft, perhaps.
...why would it affect your lunch?

We weren't sure. We just knew that at one point it would have.
Yay for dead bodies and decomposition! Although not just before lunch, thanks. After all, we want to be able to eat those bits of dead meat...
Damn, my current WIP features no decomposing corpses so far, and probably none at all as far as I can tell.

(Corpses, yes -- and very weird deaths -- but no decomposition products.)
You've met feorag?

Her degree was in archaeology (with a heavy science component). Her department used to help the police out on occasions when it had gone beyond regular forensic pathology. I can raid the textbooks ....
Oh! Oh!

I'd been looking for exactly that sort of document just a few days ago and I had to settle for much wimpier levels of information.

Thanks for the link (even it it was for autopope:)!
So, would you say even, that you were composing text about decomposition?

What happened to the text between the composition and the decomposition?