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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid runs like a girl

i want to walk away start all over again

My virtue is untrammeled unequalled.

Or something.

In just a minute here I am going to go upstairs and take a shower, and then I am going to come back down and get another five or six pages on The White City, come hell or high water, even though I have no clue what the hell is going on here, before I go to archery at six. But so far this morning I did get up and take the dog for a three-mile run (there were breaks with walking bits in there) during which we almost got hit by some asswipe who couldn't respect the crosswalk while making a left turn from a stop sign and then she had the termerity to give ME the hairy eyeball, as if you know, being in an expensive car and wearing too much makeup somehow automatically gives you the right of way over the pedestrian in the crosswalk with the Shakespeare T-shirt and the hairy dog. So what, you ask, makes that so virtuous?

Reader, I did not flip her off.

But oh, I thought about it.

In other news, I'm not wearing any pants.


Pedestrians In Crosswalk Have Right Of Way. This Is Enforceable By Application Of High Explosive. Hairy Eyeball At Own risk.
In other news, I'm not wearing any pants.

Well, I mean, really, who is?
Not it!
I am, in fact, wearing pants. But I'm in the office. They *strongly* encourage either pants or skirts, and it's chilly this morning.
I'm wearing shorts (though not particularly short ones), because I'm also in the office...and while things are pretty loose in this field ("do not wear a tie to your job interview; you will be mocked") clothing is definitely a requirement for work in the office. (Of course, if I have a deploy to do at 0800 I'll just do it from home using the laptop, and then pajamas or whatever are perfectly reasonable.)
On Thursdays!

(never mind me, I'm in a very odd mood and not wearing pants.)
See? No pants! Totally a trend.
I just saw that happen the other day. Someone was crossing the street (on a walk signal) and the person making a left turn actually BEEPED at her for being in the middle of the road after he drove right up to her and then stopped. You know, when she had the right-of-way.

I felt like screaming "Are you always an asshole, or just today?"
I had something similar happen and applied my nearly finished iced coffee all over her driverside windshield.

The combination of syrup, coffee and milk made a satisfying smear on her windshield forcing her to pull over and clean her windshield. :)
You're a better person than me...

I'm always tempted to apply keys to paintwork with drivers like that, and similarly drivers who try and kill me whilst I'm cycling...
cuz really, no pants just makes it all better.

I am, sadly, wearing pants...and here's the odd part...I don't know why, cuz I don't have to be.
Were you wearing pants whilst walking the dog? For verily, that might explain the hairy eyeball thing...
I agree that you were virtuous for not flipping her off. I mean, that's what carrying rocks is for.
Yesterday, I got the hairy eyeball for letting some guy turn. We first met when I crossed an eastbound one-way street. He was in the far left lane, looking to get into where the crosswalk was, or past it, and saw me, so he stopped, brakes jerking a little. I crossed over, then hung a right and use the crosswalk on the north/southbound street.

The light changes, and he gunned into his turn a little, then paused. I stopped and gestured slightly, and he went through, slight sneer. I'm not going to argue with a truck.

The best part? Originally where he wanted to be resting and waiting would have put him in the middle of a railroad crossing that also complicates that intersection. People will try to hang out just past it, ignoring the sign telling them to stop before the crosswalk and the tracks.

On pants: Good call! The only trouble is finding them, since that's where my keys, wallet and cell phone reside.
Perhaps your last sentence explains the hairy eyeball?
I'm not proud of the fact, but I once threw a water bottle at a car that tried to run me down in a cross walk.
You have far more self-control than I do.
This must be the wife of the guy who tried, not once but *twice*, to pull into a space inhabited by my car. No turn signal, mind. Just a "gee, I don't think the laws of physical material apply to me today."

Hi, by the way. I'm Winter, and I'm no longer lurking in your journal. :)
Hi, Winter. I'm Bear!