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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds fate

my baby's leaving town on the 2:19

I'm boosting signal for gehayi, a disabled fellow Connecticut resident who stands to be seriously affected by proposed changes to Connecticut's social services.

Having lived in Nevada, which has much worse social safety nets than Connecticut does, I can tell you up front what the results of cutting such programs are: increased homelessness and mortality rates, to put it quite simply.

If you live here and consider yourself a compassionate human being, I urge you to contact your state legislative representatives.

Remember, they work for you.

(Handy form to tell you who they are and how to get ahold of them is here.)


And if folks *don't* live in Connecticut, they should take a look at what their own legislatures are up to. Similar cuts are coming down the road in Maine (and California, and . . . .)
And people still think it's a good idea to have the government pay for health care why?

I know the private/public mishmash we have now isn't working, but handing it all over to the government doesn't look like a very good idea when you see them pulling these sorts of shenanagans.
Because there's a chance that this sort of pressure will have an effect? Even if gehayi were able to get private or employer-based insurance, which with the medical history she gives in the linked post is absolutely impossible, how responsive do you think, say, Humana would be to a letter-writing campaign?

Yes, having the government pay for health care may mean dancing in the proverbial frying pan. But if the choices are "frying pan" and "fire", I'll take the frying pan!
Yes, this.