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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Whoot! And the reviews are trickling in....

The Sherlockians have decreed me 'not entirely devoid of merit'!

Which I suppose isn't too bad, considering the company....


Neil's in the oubliette, though. Somehow I think this is the only time in my life that'll happen, and it could only happen when writing to the mad Sherlockian.

Actually, I'm dead pleased that Booklist figured out that the first person narrator of "Tiger! Tiger!" was a Watson, and the protag was Adler. That made my whole week, because it was hard to pull off and I wasn't certain I'd managed it.

Oh, new writing? Um.

Yes, I have been. *scampers back to WiP after a few moments of nerdy egosurfing*


Go you!
You rock.
That's great! Congratulations.

Now fix that link so it stops making my friends page wider than my screen.
There. Sorry bout that. It wraps on mine.


Mostly just testing this user thing. Hi!

Re: hello

Look ! it works! *g*

Welcome aboard, madam.

(I managed to read half of "Tiger! Tiger!" standing in a B&N the other day. Have plans to finish soon. :) The "ia" invocation startled me until I remembered to check the front cover and noted the word "Lovecraft." Somehow I'd picked up only the Doyle bit.)

Yes, and I cheated utterly, because mine is a Kipling story with some Doyle and Lovecraft nods.

I dunno if "Not Entirely Devoid Of Merit" is worth a 'congratulations,' though....
Given how the rest of the stories were reviewed, I'd say that "NEDoM" is pretty high praise. Stories were either singled out for praise or damnation and you definitely did not receive the lattter.
Well, I'm not sure it's the sort of site you even find unless you happen to be (cough) egosurfing (cough) so that you don't have to work on your damned novel, but I was really very amused. I'd actually class that as a lukewarm-to-poor review rather than a good one.

But it really does illuminate the whole target audience thing in very interesting ways, and I enjoyed reading it.

I actually understand from everybody else who has read this thing (I don't have my contrib copy yet: the Vegas snail is notoriously out of sorts when he has to carry packages.) that the Gaiman story rocks the socks, so to speak.

But mine isn't particularly transgressive, except for a little commentary on racism, reverse racism, and maybe the ethics of big game hunting. None of which is particularly a stretch as a moral stance these days *g*
Great! Congratulations.
Thank you....
Well huzzah! Good for you!
Of course, I don't dare actually look at the story, as all stories lose 50% of their charm once printed, and suddenly become a seething morass of flaws *g*
Ah, to someday have that problem... ;)
Aw, c'mon, you're allowed a few minutes' egosurfing, particularly when it's warranted. Congrats on the not-entirely-condemnnatory ink! ;)