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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

there is not sickness toil or danger in that bright land to which i go

2009 09 01 005

TBRE's Fearless Kitten, who as yet has no name.

He has pretty orange eyes, though.

2009 09 01 006

The Complaint Department would like to file A Complaint.

The Giant Ridiculous Dog thinks that if we have TWO cats, the least we can do is give him ONE.


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Does the GRD want a snack or a playmate? (I've had dogs that would go either way.)
plush toy.

Not so good from the cat's point of view.

(He is, alas, not a catsafe dog. So we have a segregated household.)
Tiny Kitten makes the glitterball look HUGE! :D
Basement cat regrets selecting the cheapest bidder for the new floor
Government contractors.
The Nameless Kitten is just precious. That does not, of course, mean the Presumptuous Cat is any less beautiful.
I know you are not asking for names, but Fearless Kitten should probably not be named FK.

Mercy they are great looking.
Nameless kitten compliments the complaint department well. :D (And somehow reminds me of Maynard G. Krebs, sez she, revealing just how ancient she is, though really she only saw DG in reruns...)

fearless kitten, presumptuous cat

Just wondering if that's a koan, a prediction, or a truism.

Re: fearless kitten, presumptuous cat

Movie title. Or novel title. Either will do.
What a handsome little furball. The Complaints Department will just have to get over Herself, though she might sprain something. Can't wait to meet him as well as see the GRD and the Queen of all She surveys. Kittens are so *fun*.

Hee. He'll LOVE YOU. His purr is still six sizes too large.
Your universe seems to be giving way to the Unbearable Void at the lower edge of the Complaint Department's picture.

Please be sure to report all extradimensional anomalies to the proper authorities.
What dies GRD plan to do with the spare cat? Dinner, or best friend?
I think Ista wants a puppy. Ista is not getting a puppy because I don't want a puppy and Ista is not in charge here. (But would be in charge of the puppy, were there one. Which would be fine if I wanted a puppy, but I don't.)

She is definitely not getting a kitten, though, so the GRD is not alone.
The Complaint Department is a Russian Blue? Well that explains everything.
No, she's a New England Random Cat.

We have a lot of blue ones around here, though. Also kind of muddy calicos.

In Nevada, is was blacks with pumpkin eyes and panda Siamese.
OMG kittens!

Well. One kitten. One kitten who is adorable enough for several kittens. (Kitty!)
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