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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat


2009 09 02 002

My workspace, I show you it.

coffeeem, as you can see, Nameless likes the beanie. (He is also a cursor chaser. And a typist.)

If TBRE doesn't give him a name soon, I'm going to start calling him Zoot.

(Yes, I am playing Bejeweled. I'm hoping there's a novella in there somewhere....)


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Is that an IBM M-Series keyboard I spy?
Accept no substitutes!
Oh, the cord squid! Ferocious!
Oh the tongue!

Is it just me or do all the pictures of the Complaint Department involve charging lasers?
Does Nameless have family in Oregon? He looks very like the little neighbor's cat, who has the most piteous oh woe no one feeds me miaow in history.
*glares at own brain*
Why do I think Zoot is a reference whilst simultaneously having not the foggiest where I've heard it before?
Zoot is the saxophonist for Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem.
*laugh* I'm just amused how many people both here and on Twitter/Facebook have been posting with mentions of PopCap games lately. The ultimate time waster/tool for processing. :)
I see that you're a disciple of the Church of the Model M, too.

I have one in the keyboard tray under my desk, and three more in the attic for spares. I expect the first one to wear out in, oh, thirty years or so.

Best keyboard EVAR.
I'm on my third.

I type a LOT.

(I can kill a modern keybone in 6 months.)

Edited at 2009-09-02 06:21 pm (UTC)
He's a big kitten. Iskander (middle cat) was a big kitten. These days, aged 6, he's a Big Handful.
The PC is also a very small cat. She's 8 pounds elderly and chubby.

he's four.
Is this desk big enough for both of them? Film at 11...
That kitten has the greatest face EVAR.
I never see a photo of the Complaint Department without wondering whether her extremely enormous personality chafes at being in so cute and plush a little body. I guess it all just beams out the eyes.

Kitten is adorable. Desk is enviable. (I have been working for three weeks and have about two square feet of surface available on my desk.)

I have to store my drafting table vertically to keep from putting things on it while I am not doing any scribal stuff...
remind me to send you some cable ties.
That made me laugh. XD
You can't see the heap of book boxes in the corner.
I cannot express how wholeheartedly I approve of the UNCLE poster. Rock!
*headdesks at French tyo; deletes comment; tries again*

"Zoot alors!"
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