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bear by san

March 2017



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"Keep cool, Harvey. I'm on your side."

I just watched In the Heat of the Night, which I can claim is research (my actor protagonist in Smile would have been of an age with Poitier if he lived that long) and wow, I suspect I haven't seen that movie since it was on television when I was growing up.

Even better than I remembered.

I remembered the flies and the pie, but not the chewing gum. Or Poitier doing the cognitive interview with Sam Officer Wood, though cognitive interviews hadn't been invented yet. I remembered the Competence Porn (man, I love me some Competence Porn.)

...But I know I must have been young when I saw it, because if I had been over the age of puberty, I would also have remembered the Poitier Hand Porn.

...I'll just be over here if anybody wants me. God damn, that man has beautiful hands.

Maybe I saw it at a formative age, and this is how I became obsessed with beautiful hands?


I was well into my hand obsession when I saw In the Heat of the Night. Yes, Poitier has gorgeous hands, and he uses them exquisitely.

Going to sit back and be dreamy for a little while now.
And the director knew it, too. Another lingering closeup!

"Exquisite" is just the word.
I fell in love with Ian McKellan for his hands. Saw him in the 80s in "Acting Shakespeare," and between that voice and those hands...total passion.
That was a hell of a movie, and most unusual for its time. I don't remember the hands . . .
Hands are the second thing I look at on a man.
Why has no one mentioned this film in lieu of handporn before? Comforting to see someone else obsessing over hands. Off to track down a copy of this. Om nom.
Handporn, you say?

*adds to Netflix queue*
Oh yeah.

And social commentary and snark.

No bad here.
"Competence porn." I love that! Both the phrase, and examples of it. And, yeah, that really is a wonderful movie, isn't it?

Torrent ON
I stole it from the guy who writes "Leverage."

It is three of my top ten narrative kinks, I do believe.
My favourite Poitier story is about him and Richard Widmark. Widmark played a racist thug abusing Poitier in No Exit. After every take, he would apologise profusely to Poitier, because he found it so awful to have to speak to him like that. The two ended up as lifelong friends. I have a huge admiration and respect for both of them. Fine actors and real gentlemen.