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"Keep cool, Harvey. I'm on your side."

I just watched In the Heat of the Night, which I can claim is research (my actor protagonist in Smile would have been of an age with Poitier if he lived that long) and wow, I suspect I haven't seen that movie since it was on television when I was growing up.

Even better than I remembered.

I remembered the flies and the pie, but not the chewing gum. Or Poitier doing the cognitive interview with Sam Officer Wood, though cognitive interviews hadn't been invented yet. I remembered the Competence Porn (man, I love me some Competence Porn.)

...But I know I must have been young when I saw it, because if I had been over the age of puberty, I would also have remembered the Poitier Hand Porn.

...I'll just be over here if anybody wants me. God damn, that man has beautiful hands.

Maybe I saw it at a formative age, and this is how I became obsessed with beautiful hands?
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