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your eyes are hollow and still it starts

Well, I wrote a flash piece tonight for a Secrit Project and mailed it off to its intended interim recipient, which means that tomorrow after running and yoga and weights, I get to hole up for the afternoon and evening and resume my toil in the vampire mines.

Basically, since I have two thirds of The White City, an alleged murder mystery novella in which people are currently being randomly killed by nobody for no reason, at this point I sort of need to go through what I have, possibly do a reverse outline, introduce some secondary characters so some/one of them can be the killer(s), figure out which one(s) IS/ARE the killer(s) and what their motive(s) is/are--oh, and get this other non-villain antagonist character onstage, because he's so limelight-shy he is, so far, Sir Not Appearing In This Story.

Yeah, it's not an easy life, but somebody has to live it.

Once I finish that, it's on to Grail. And after the vampire mines and the angel mines?

We shall see, precious. We shall see.

Oh, and of course, this Sunday coming is the first Sunday of the month, which means there will be a whole Shadow Unit episode, and not just a vignette/extra.
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