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oh her body was like falling in the moonlight glowing blue

This is what 32 pounds of tomatoes looks like:

20090406 001

...okay, let me explain.

See, today I went up to The Brookfields to help my mom and thecoughlinstack two cords of wood they'd had delivered. As  rewrd, they took me around to the local farm stands. And since my local tomato crop (as previously detailed in these pages) died the death this year, I wound up with sixteen pounds of canning tomtoes.

When I got home, TBRE pulled into the driveway as I was unloading the trunk. reader, she had been to her boyfriend's parents place. They are on vacation, their garden is burgeoning, and they had left instructions to EAT TOMATOES.


When I scalded them for skinning, they filled the sink.

Well, anyway, two hours later, there are four quarts of skinned sliced tomatoes in the freezer, a quart of salsa in the fridge, and the first of two vats of tomato sauce is bubbling on the stove.

Needless to say, I'm pretty excited.

I wish we had our canning setup ready, but as it is, the sauce is going in the freezer. And hopefully TBRE will have sorted out the canning thing by later this week, because that was only half the tomatoes. So, um. I'm thinking salsa.

(They're only beefsteaks, and not the wonderful Black Klims, Green Zebras, Amish Paste, Reisentraube, and Cherokee Purples I lost to the blight... but man, I am not complaining. Tomatoes! Enough for winter!

TBRE also made amazing whole grain banana bread, which I plan to have for dinner. Or rather, as dinner. Maybe with some peanut butter on it. Maybe not.

My goal for the rest of the evening is to clean the house, so it's not a pit anymore, and so I don't fret myself silly waiting for tonight's episode of Shadow Unit.
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