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bear by san

March 2017



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writing shadow unit chaz gravity

if i'm a monster, i am a willing one

Shadow Unit 2x07, "Smoke and Mirrors," is live.

Don't forget to check that side content.

Yeah, I'm pretty goddamned happy with this one.


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*scurries off to read*
Yeah, I'm pretty goddamned happy with this one.
You should be. This is gooooood. Really frackin' good. With a couple of sides of opportunistic goodness.

Thank you!
I quite thoroughly enjoyed that one. I love that in Shadow Unit things go horribly wrong just often enough that when something is creepy and ominous and potentially nasty, I have to keep reading because, yes, maybe it will end with horrible things happening, and I can't find out until I read on.

And I loved those parents. All of the non-protagonist characters in these stories feel like real people who have their own full backstories and lives and are the protagonists of their own stories, somewhere off screen, and I really thoroughly enjoy that.
Yay! Thank you, and glad to be of service.
And so you should be. That is good good work.

~huggles Sol~
He would be nonplussed to be huggled, I imagine. *g* But it amuses me to imagine it....
You hit it out of the park. (And I want a Sol icon now!)
Thank you!

Sol resists iconing, at least from me....
I'm glad I waited up for that one. Thank you!

Going to bed now to dream of certain writers doing the Macarena to Nemesis. ::grin::
Thank you!

(It's been known to happen.)
I'm guessing the 'side stuff' is the extras hiding in this episode.

Which are kind of wondrous. I'm just saying.
That was incredible. I have stayed up far too late reading it and I regret nothing. SOL. CHAZ. REYES. eee.
Thank you. *g*

(I love the dynamic between these three guys, and I've been wanting to get them off on their own for *ages*. Now I'm kind of sad because it's done, and well... It's done!)
Oh, well played, Bear. You kept me up past my bedtime again. To be fair, my bedtime approximates that of my 70 year old father, but you did keep me up past it all the same.

Thank you, may I have another? *g*
(October 4? Okay)
You are very welcome, and thank YOU.
And having read, I return.

Wow. Seriously, Bear, wow.

I actually said 'oh Chaz' out loud at the LJ entry. And then I said 'Chaz, you dope' under my breath and kept reading.
He is kind of a dope, isn't he?

Thank you, by the way. *g*

One of the things I *love* about serial fiction is that one can pull off stuff like this episode, which relies for its impact on foundation work done by everybody else on the team--that you can build that kind of resonance by knowledge into a story.

It's SO COOL. It's like designing your own allusions.


de-lurking to leave rave review

Dear Bear,
Thank you for making with the goods (as always). I've never commented here before...not for lack of desire, just from terminal shyness and a bit of hero worship. This episode drove me out of the shadows (see what I did there?) to say thank you. I have been avidly reading your work for years and-thank the cat-stumbled across the WTF last year. Thanks for adding more obsession to my internet ocd! Now pretty please let Bone and Jewel Creatures appear in my bookstore soon. Will it happen faster if I ask extra nicely?

Re: de-lurking to leave rave review

Thank you very kindly, and welcome to the clubhouse.

What shall I call you?
That was a damn fine story ma'am. And the best part? It's like the perfect cake, I can't pick out any particular bit that tastes any better than the others, it's just all so good om nom nom nom
Thank you very much. *g*

Now, just to demonstrate that one of you needs to get revenge by writing a gamma proofreader: the past tense of "to lead" is "led." (Not "lead.")

Ahem. That is all.
*g* Yeah, I know, but try to find those before publication.
Glad you are happy. *g*

*whistles innocently*
I finally got to read this today.

My adjectives are stunted right now. This is good. Really good.

Don't put the hat away before I get back to a place in my life where I can throw a tip in it, ok?
Thank you kindly.
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