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we ought to put her in the bay

This afternoon, climbing at Pot Hole out in Storrs--about a twenty-thirty foot gneiss cliff with a number of interesting routes on it. I managed four of the five we set--a 5.7 (Crinkle Monster, which had me nearly crying I was so scared--did I mention how much I hate outdoor climbing?) with a big crank around an overhang, smeary feet and underclings, two easyish ones on the slab at the right end, and a 5.5 on the left end which was sort of festooned with cobwebs in the crevices. Climbing in Mirkwood, yay.

The other one, an alleged 5.7, I could make one or two moves on and then just popped right off, no matter how hard I tried.

The dog got to come and play crag dog, and was a hit with the other climbers present.

He worries about the monkeys when they are doing funny monkey things way off the ground, but he does like the hanging around in the woods part.

And of course, there was the Pot Hole--a glacial pothole with a rather large resident frog. Heee.

Also did some Shadow Unit and some articles for a guest blog thing today, and now I have to dream up a villain and a motive when two weeks of trying to dream up a villain and a motive have not yet worked. My usual trick of profiling from the victimology isn't helping here.


*stares at the walls some more*

Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks
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