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December 2021



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i've gone past the point of caring some old bed i'll soon be sharing

This is one heck of a cover. And I'm on it.

(Hey, it's release day!)

Also, today is the first day in which you can pre-order Chicks Dig Time Lords, a nifty book of essays on women and Doctor Who fandom, which I happen to be in along with Cat Valente and various others


Hmmm, the Amazon page says :

About the Author
This compilation of crochet thread work is from these Leisure Arts bestselling designers:Jeanette Black, Anne Halliday, Cathy Hardy, Terry Kimbrough, Tammy Kreimeyer, JoAnn Maxwell, Pat May, Barbara Rondeau, Faye Shelton, Wilma Stash, Becky Stevens, and Judith A. Thompson.

So, is that an automatic process, that you write an essay and it's tranformed into a piece of crochet art and changes your name in the process? Is that how the Doctor's scarves were created? ;-)
Damn, also meant to say, "Congrats! Excellent cover indeed!"
Eee! Charlie! Hi hi hi.


*assembles dignity*

I missed you, sweetie.
Yeah, right back atcha girl. *hugs* Been pretty much hiding and sorting my head out this last year.

But, uh, *scuffs ground with toe* didja see my good news?
I heard it from Leah. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
:: ritual jealousy ::

Well played.
This type of self-promo? Totally *not* pathetic. Congrats on both! (and SQUEE on the DW book!)
Thank you!
That is indeed one very impressive cover bearing a list of very impressive names. Go you!
Amazon has been notified of the error, and it will be fixed. :-)

Of course, now I'm scared that we'll lose the anti-crochet knitting community...

*ducks for cover*

Chicks Dig Time Lords, eh? Who were all the essayists on that? Sorry, I should probably do my own research. ...*checks authors* There's you and Lisa Bowerman and Sophie Aldred to tempt me, but there's someone else that I don't want to read at all. Do I go with the three that I want to read over the one that I refuse to read, and buy it, or...?

My experience in American fandom is that DW fandom (among others) had a considerable female contingent. I remember apparently stating this badly online back in the 1990s, because some male Australian fan decided to feel threatened and berate the stupid American female for daring to suggest that fandom had so many women in it. Whatever, man; I went by my experience. Yeah, Aussie and British fandom is still probably mostly male, but, in American fandom, I always saw lots of women when I went to conventions (which I haven't done in years).

Rethinking "mostly male," though, I should think that New Who would "speak" more to fangirls than to the old DW-style fanboy, what with its pandering romantic angst, but I try not to pay attention to New Who very much. *shrug*

...Which makes me need to ask, is this mostly a New Who book? I see that the cover references Classic Who, but what about the contents? :-)
It's both (I'm the co-editor). Classic Who, New Who, all together, because our fandom can handle it. :-)

There are over 20 essays plus a comic, so I'm guessing that you'd still get your money's worth even if you skip one. But then, I'm biased. ;-)
Not a clue what the TOC looks like. I was a contributor, not teh editor.

I can tell you that my essay is on Tom Baker, however.
Woohoo! Congratulations!
Nice.. Let me know when there is an ordering link.
Ordered! Yay!

The one available today, that is. I'm not good enough with my money to do a preorder that will be paid for unexpectedly.

And rather, it's in my amazon shopping cart while I try to find something to add to get free shipping. I want a particular book! It is fantasy and multiple people I read on LJ have recommended it and the cover art has a purple border! soon as something useful gets kicked out, we'll get right on that, 'k brain? -___-

Congratulations on the publications!