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bear by san

March 2017



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smile your little smile. take some tea with me a while.

Oh, um, and I will probably be a bit internet-absent for a while, as... you know those eye problems I've been having? Well, it turns out it's a viral keratitis, and I can expect another week or two of discomfort and impaired vision before it sorts itself out.

I have steroids (prednisone, the wonder drug, omg) but basically, I'm unlikely to be doing a lot of recreational internets for the next fortnight or so.

So, you knwo, carry on without me, and email if it's really important.


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In a burst of what is probably pure stupid, I am trying to finish this novella this weekend.

I know, I know.
What the doctor probably didn't mention about prednisone is that it sucks up calcium at an extraordinary rate. Recommend taking it with a glass of milk, as this will redress some of the calcium issue, also have plenty of tums or rolaids around - chewing on them will deal with the heartburn prednisone causes, as well as giving you more calcium. Pred also causes shin splints, ice should help with that. (Lifelong user for asthma - currently in week five of a six-week course of prednisone.)
FYI, I *really* hate unsolicited advice.

Thank you for the thought, however.
Oh dear. Best of luck shaking that off.
Oi. I'm sorry. Take care of that. And good on the Tull. "A big dog by the fire..."
So it's not a brain tumor, it's just a vacuum leak?
Get well soon.
*snrch* at your icon.
Oh dear. Do take care and get well soon.
Another offer of help if you need it from here, and of course if you can read this. (-:
I'm glad they sorted out what it is! Get well soon...
Been there, still doing that with a slightly different diagnosis. Good thoughts for a speedy resolution.
I love it when you quote Tull...One brown Mouse an Ode To....
Augh! Hope you feel better soon.
Get better.
Hurrah for something immediately curable, sorry it'll take that long.
Ahhh, prednisone (or as we call it, prednisolone)... wonder drug, how oft have you shaved weeks off my time off school.
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