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if thy right eye offend thee, put eye drops in.

Well, my right cornea is still mostly opaque, but I did write 1359 words today despite being half-blind. I have a little under 25,00o words done on The White City, and I fear that it's structurally flawed and I'll never get the damned thing balanced properly.

This is probably a good sign that things are proceeding as they should be, and that readers will not notice anything amiss.

Soldiering on now.

Also wondering what I'm going to wind up doing for a day job next year if I don't sell a novel or two here shortly, since once I deliver Grail I am about to be out of contract to everyone on everything except a collaboration with very long delivery dates, which will not exactly keep the rent paid.

If only I had a spouse I could mooch off.

I suppose it's a sign of something or another that I'm not filled with dread by the prospect of going back to the land of cubicles. At least they have health insurance there, and I won't have to write three books a year to stay afloat. Of course, getting hired in this economy is something of a challenge.

Ahhh, the romance of the writing life.

On the other hand, that would certainly take the pressure off, and I'd have the luxury of writing at a more leisurely pace.

Guess it's time to start polishing up my resume.
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