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bear by san

March 2017



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where i don't know where she might go when she goes home at night

So how awesome is the Shadow Unit fan base?

One of them made this. Yes, actual opening credits for a TV Show that only exists one universe to the left.

Yeah, cool.


Oh wow - that IS awesome!
My god! That is stunning!
Can they have that person do new credits for Bones, plskthx?
that doesn't just look *awesome*, that looks *british*.

(jane siberry now goes by Issa these days. people who like the music should check her out; for about a decade (long before others caught on) she has made all the music that she can make available for 'self determination'; pay what you can/think it's worth: http://www.sheeba.ca/store/home.php)
I mentioned that, I think, when she gave us permission to use the song.

Not only that, but she's AWESOME.
she's been an influence on me since I was 14 years old, and a weird little teen in Canada who no one liked....but *her* stuff spoke to me. This got me thinking about her music, and an evening that happened 24 years ago, in the next month or so: http://thespian.livejournal.com/1397763.html
You know...I thought exactly the same things: Awesome and British. =)
Wow, that's amazing!
Oh good, 'cause so did I.
Wow. I'd watch it.
You can read it. *g* Does that count?
Well, that goes without saying! :)
Made of wow and cool!
Eeee! We can has credits!

Edited at 2009-09-13 02:01 pm (UTC)
that is really, really cool. ^_^
chock full of awesomeness!
Wow, that's great! Kudos to the maker -- and, damn, I wish I knew how to do that stuff.
Ok, dumb question: Is that an unusual, instrumental version of the song playing with the credits, or is everyone hearing a different thing than I am when it plays?

I mean, I see that it says "The music is the show’s official theme, “Half Angel, Half Eagle” by Jane Siberry. It works really well for the show’s mood, but unfortunately it’s tough to edit around since there’s almost no repetitive “filler.”" But that isn't what I hear.

I heard 1/2A, 1/2E in the early edits, but over time it was changed to an interesting, moody orchestral piece...and that is what I hear with the final. Anyone??
AFAIK, the Jane Siberry is not in the final version.
Ok good. Then I am not hallucinating. It sounded, from comments here and on the video link page, that it *was* and since that wasn't what I was hearing...it made me wonder. :)
That was AWESOME.
That's really excellent. Great work, Evan! (If the site name correctly gives the owner's name it's "Evan", anyway; sorry if that's the wrong name!)
Man, that is *awesome*. That's so awesome I want to go give Shadow Unit another try.::gets glazed look::

Ok, I have a question.

I couldn't find a place to comment/email/ask on Evan's Vanity Site, so I thought I'd ask you if you knew/could pass the question on/something. If you wouldn't mind.

Do you have any idea who did the "Bow and Arrow" piece the opening credits are set to? It sounds like Immediate Music, but I can't find anything by that name that they've done. I'm always looking for good instrumental music to write to, and this piece rocks. (And I'm getting tired of hitting 'play' so I can listen to it again.)

Re: Ok, I have a question.

You could ask sie on the message board: