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bear by san

March 2017



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everybody's jumping on the circus train

There. My head is now encrusted in a horrible slurry of Light Mountain henna, olive oil, and water, which shall remain there for the foreseeable future.

The dog is nonplussed.

I wonder what it will wind up looking like over the leftover bleach from Worldcon?

And now, back to the word mines.


Right as usual. (you and him)
Heh. I just got finished getting a bunch of Lush henna out of my hair. I can see where my half-dozen white hairs are because they sparkle. It's also a bit lighter red than I remember it being, since this is supposed to be one of the browner concoctions. Then again, the 'best before' date was about a year ago...
Um, could it end up green? Maybe I'm recalling it backwards, but I remember friends who had henna products in their hair and then were on swim team, and their hair turned green! But their hair was much lighter than yours normally.

Post pics. I got color today, but it's the normal dark brown to cover the new grey coming in. Puppy got color too, and sometime next week I'll be turning his hair shiny shiny black. Because emo boy is emo.
No, it won't be green because hair bleach is not chlorine, it's ammonia & peroxide. It'll just be brighter than unbleached hair.

@Bear--Light Mountain's the good stuff, I've used it for years.
So have I.

I also like it a lot--it makes my unbleached hair a really wonderful auburn, so I'm interested to see what it will do with the bleached bits. And lord knows I need the conditioning now...

What color do you use, the fox red? On me it just makes bleached areas bright red instead of auburn. (My natural hair color is med. brown.)
Either the red or the chestnut.
Woo, henna! I started playing with henna again now that I can't quite get away with purple (proto-doctors are expected to look extra "professional") and Light Mountain has given me good color so far. Is the olive oil for hair-care, or does it do something to the color?
The oil is conditioner! *g*
The olive oil is a new one to me... though it completely takes me back to all the random stuff we used to put in henna. The beet henna (which is excellent for toning down the orange tones). The lemon and cayenne henna (I'm not sure - possibly the opposite?). The vanilla and... what was it? It made her smell like baking cookies.... (I would have used fiori di sicilia if I'd known about it then. I'm not big on scents, but the ones I like tend to cluster around "edible".)

Of course, I read this and thought - "Darn, it's been ages since I've done anything interesting with my hair. I should grab some henna!" And only then did it occur to me that my hair is about 7mm long right now...
That just makes it easy to bleach and henna!

When my hair is not already bleached, I like grated lemon peel, because when heated the oil bleaches out those chips of hair and you get the effect of brighter red highlights.

I also like rosemary for rich red-browns, and ginger for brighter reds.
Yeah, but I'd be dying my scalp almost as much as the hair!

I might do it, still - but I trim it twice a month, so it starts seeming kind of silly.

Actually, what I really want to do, but need an accomplice for is to carve patterns into it.
I want to see the final result!
I love that stuff, even if I walk around looking like a flock of wild babies have flown over and taken a crap on my head.