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Okay, it's printed. That's a butcher's draft, for sure, but it's a draft. And I wrote 3,633 words today, which is a very good day indeed, and makes me feel like a real writer.

A funny thing I've noticed. As I've become more secure in my craftswomanship, I've become a lot more slapdash in the sort of construct I am willing to call a draft. I mean, this one I have here needs an entie timeline ripped out and made into something else, and it needs several entire scenes written, and it's missing a denouement... but then again, I also understand now, as I did not ten years ago, exactly how much rewriting and reconstructing is going to go into making that second draft work on a structural level.

In other words, it's as if my brain has accepted that a lot of this is just basting, and it's all going to have to be torn out when we finish the dress, so it's wasted effort to make it look too pretty at this stage.

Very, very interesting.
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