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bear by san

March 2017



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Oh, oops.

And what with all the writin' and readin' and not seein', I forgot to mention that there's new Shadow Unit.

Like we do.


Figures he'd love a woman who can manage him. :)
Love? Hmm. That might be a bit premature...

Lustful affection is a definite, however.
And a certain element of bemused overwhelmedness...

much love

I adore Delphine. She's the woman I always wanted to be (maybe I'll get there one day). Seriously. Comfortable in her natural ability to fill out all the space--mental, creative, physical, emotional--that she desires. And what I think I love best is that I can see that from just the few brushstrokes you laid on the canvas. Fabulous sofa joke at the end. As the partner of (and daughter of) an artist, I hear this one *all* the time.
Sometimes I think your work is a Chinese watercolor and other times it's a Northern Renaissance altarpiece.
Feel better!

Re: much love

Man, I know, I'd love to be her too. She's so very much herself, and it's gorgeous.

Until I sort it out, she'll just have to be my wish fulfillment...

I comfort myself that at least I don't have to date Reyes. *g* He's cute, but man, the issues....

Re: much love

*chortle* yep, there's only so much time you want to spend under a microscope...

btw: love the henna

Re: much love

Thank you!

And yes. You have to be pretty comfortable being who you are to handle that level of insight.

I suspect it's why Sol is the only person on the team who really calls him a friend.
Thank you. *g*

(I'm glad they have people to read about them, me.)