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Good climbing night, or at least an interesting one. I onsighted a new 5.7 (it's all balancy and linear) and a new 5.8 (I actually sent the 5.8 like I had an elevator, which I have never managed before--the 5.7 was harder--the 5.8 was all big swingy dead-arm ape moves, which I love and am good at) and I redid a 5.6 that is becoming a sort of easy windup route for me. Also got a new unrated route (can't be harder than a 5.6) and then proceeded to tank off another new 5.7 (could not get my foot to stick) and an unrated route that I really hope is at least a 5.9, because I could barely get on it. I also tried a 5.9 that's been lurking for a while and got about half of it--better luck next climb!
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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