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but the din in my head it's too much and it's no good

The problem with True Blood is not just that it's the characters are offensively dumb, or that the show itself is appalling badly written, or that it's just plain silly--or even that Sookie Stackhouse is the worst telepath ever, and her powers can't stay straight from one episode to another...

It's that it has these moments of utter brilliance (most of them centering on Lafayette* or Terry) and nothing else ever quite measures up to the promise of those brief, shining moments.*

In fact, they only serve to point out to viewer that nothing, ever, anywhere, anywhen, could measure up to this:


Here's that t-shirt in close up, for the full impact of wonderfulness:

Please note, I'm not recommending you watch the show. It's terrible. It's so terrible, in fact, that I am actually convinced that everybody who works on it knows how terrible it is, and they're just resigned to collecting their paychecks for as long as it runs.

It's so terrible that I watch it because it's terrible. Fabtastically, baroquely, OMG I can't believe they just did that with a plain bald face terrible.

...yes, I probably will watch Season 3. But by God, I will not pretend to like it.

*For example, Lafayette's expression after Sookie places that jambalaya order, having been reminded of it by his ranting about the unwisdom of asking what goes in the sausage. Jambalaya, for those of you not familiar with Gulf Coast American cuisine, contains sausage.

*(And then there's all that suffering through Vampire Bill. And did I mention the willful stupidity? Sookie needs to read the Evil Overlord list and apply it to protagging, I tell you what.)

...and now, I will commence several weeks of staring at the walls and playing a lot of Bejeweled while I try to figure out what the hell Grail is about.

Please stand by.
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