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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

so let me tell you about my process...

2009 09 02 003

Monkey: And now, I shall frown and sigh a lot, and drink a good deal of coffee, and think very seriously about my novel!
Kjitten: I shall pounce at your mouse cursor while you play Bejeweled! think very seriously about your novel!
Complaint Department: I say, my good woman, is this a catnip zucchini on the floor beside your chairs?
Kjitten: I shall balance on the back of your chair! I shall walk upon your shoulders! I shall pounce upon your delete key with stunning accuracy!
Monkey: I am patience, and all affronts are as water unto me.
Complaint Department: Surely, this is the finest catnip zucchini ever purveyed by fawning monkeys unto a deserving Cat, here verily upon the floor of this office.
Kjitten: I shall stalk the Old Cat! Stalk! Stalk!
Complaint Department: What a pity is it that I, so aged and crafty, am ignorant of this young upstart who haunts my every step!
Kjitten: Stalk! Stalk!
Complaint Department: What a tragedy is't that age and ingenuity shall ever fall to the obstreperousness of youth!
Kjitten: Stalk! Stalk! Gather....
Monkey: If you do that, the old cat is going to hit you.
Kjitten: Buttwiggle! Stalk! Gather!
Complaint Department: How said it is that I, the picture of naivete, shall here upon this catnip zucchini, all unwitting, this very day meet such an unkind fate!
Monkey: If you do that, the old cat really, really is going to hit you.
Complaint Department: *chalant*
Kjitten: POUNCE!
Complaint Department: *hits*
Kjitten: *skitters*
Kjitten: HEY! YOU SET ME UP!
Complaint Department: *rolls eyes at Monkey*
Monkey: *rolls them back*
Giant Ridiculous Dog: *barks forlornly in his exile downstairs*
Kjitten: Neener neener! If you didn't chase cats, you could be allowed through the baby gate! Neener! I say, neener! YOU SUCK!
Giant Ridiculous Dog: ...I can't work under these conditions.
Monkey: HEY! ...when did you learn to talk?


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Return of Cat versus Monkey! Hooray!

With! Added! Characters!
Writers avoid work on livejournal in the most entertaining ways.
Avoiding by generating profitable material for pet shops everywhere?

That little passion play fills me with *snerk*. It in itself is full of Awesome and Win.
Oddly enough, that describes a lot of the convos between my best friend and me as he tries to bully me into taking care of myself and revising for my Big Exam.

Except, you know, he's not furry and small with big ears. Else maybe I'd win once in a while...
I accidentally locked my own Complaint Department in the closet for three hours, but instead of being upset by it, she yawned and stretched and rubbed my leg in thanks once she was let out. I think she enjoyed the chance to relax uninterrupted by the kitten from hell.
GRD could always talk. He just couldn't get a woof in edgewise.

(alas, Adorakable Puppy's conversation is more along the lines of: "Hi! You! Are we going to Play? Are we going to Walk? Park playdate? Oooo, pigeon! I Wuff You!" We are assured that she will find some dignity once she's older. I'm not holding my breath)
This reminds me of an old one-panel comic I once read.
The caption is "The entire thought process of a puppy"
It shows a puppy on a leash with a thought balloon going "What's that? What's that? What's that? Oops, gotta pee. What's that? What's that? What's that?"

Kittens are hilarious.
I so wish I could draw cartoons sometimes
Thank you so much!

My day has now been made!
But they are such beautiful cats. Grey and white is the very best colour for cats.
I have had Mooncat sitting on the keyboard, Ish sitting on me, Mooncat hissing at Ish for being so close, and Horus prowling about yelling because it must be a meal time. So situation normal, really. (But our catnip curvy thing is a banana, rather than a zucchini.)
Lovely! :D
*hee* I love these and this one just cheered me up immensely. If only dealing with management at the call centre were so amusing. *sigh*

Hey, sorry you are having such a Week, and glad you're doing better.

Here, have some Crabby Hotch.
When did you move into my place, girl (you know, except for the dog)? This could be Sophie and Spanky!
Let's face it, this could be any two indoor cats, no?

Personally, this was my favouritestest bit:

Complaint Department: *chalant*

*lols again*

awwwhhh, cute.

I still have the catnip eggplant somewhere on the floor.
It's clearly the day for barmy cats, as my parents' decided to get into one of the pillows off my dad's bed to sleep.

They get crazier as they get older, it seems.
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