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so let me tell you about my process...

2009 09 02 003

Monkey: And now, I shall frown and sigh a lot, and drink a good deal of coffee, and think very seriously about my novel!
Kjitten: I shall pounce at your mouse cursor while you play Bejeweled! think very seriously about your novel!
Complaint Department: I say, my good woman, is this a catnip zucchini on the floor beside your chairs?
Kjitten: I shall balance on the back of your chair! I shall walk upon your shoulders! I shall pounce upon your delete key with stunning accuracy!
Monkey: I am patience, and all affronts are as water unto me.
Complaint Department: Surely, this is the finest catnip zucchini ever purveyed by fawning monkeys unto a deserving Cat, here verily upon the floor of this office.
Kjitten: I shall stalk the Old Cat! Stalk! Stalk!
Complaint Department: What a pity is it that I, so aged and crafty, am ignorant of this young upstart who haunts my every step!
Kjitten: Stalk! Stalk!
Complaint Department: What a tragedy is't that age and ingenuity shall ever fall to the obstreperousness of youth!
Kjitten: Stalk! Stalk! Gather....
Monkey: If you do that, the old cat is going to hit you.
Kjitten: Buttwiggle! Stalk! Gather!
Complaint Department: How said it is that I, the picture of naivete, shall here upon this catnip zucchini, all unwitting, this very day meet such an unkind fate!
Monkey: If you do that, the old cat really, really is going to hit you.
Complaint Department: *chalant*
Kjitten: POUNCE!
Complaint Department: *hits*
Kjitten: *skitters*
Kjitten: HEY! YOU SET ME UP!
Complaint Department: *rolls eyes at Monkey*
Monkey: *rolls them back*
Giant Ridiculous Dog: *barks forlornly in his exile downstairs*
Kjitten: Neener neener! If you didn't chase cats, you could be allowed through the baby gate! Neener! I say, neener! YOU SUCK!
Giant Ridiculous Dog: ...I can't work under these conditions.
Monkey: HEY! ...when did you learn to talk?

Tags: cat vs. monkey, fearless kjitten, giant ridiculous dog, presumptuous cat, the writer at work
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