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bear by san

March 2017



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wire in the blood, writing shadow unit todd remorseful

inadequate personalities crave power

"In my line of work, Doctor, patients die."

"In my line of work, Doctor, patients kill, and right now, someone on your staff should be a patient of mine."

I wasn't so happy with the Joan of Arc episode, but I'm still awfully pleased by the Awesome Cop and her pet psychiatrist otherwise. (Yes, still watching Wire in the Blood. And not just for the Eliot references.)


ZOMG!! It's good isn't it? I'm about to embark on Season 3, but I watched Prayer of the Bone at the weekend. That, I felt was a little less satisfying than some. I attribute this to it being written for an American audience.

It has the kind of complexity, subtlety, and really nasty pieces of work of Shadow Unit.

Aww, thank you. *g*
Yes, Wire in the Blood rocks. Have you tried Epitafios? It's much in the same vein, only Argentine (and with Cecilia Roth, one of my great favorites of the Spanish/Argentine screen).
I had never even heard of it! I wonder if I can get it with English subtitles....
Yes--I'm catching it on HBO (where it's subbed), and it's available via Netflix, too.
Wire in the Blood is amazing. I've only seen the first series and have the rest on my Netflix queue now.
Awesome Cop is indeed Awesome. The plots get a little melodramatic sometimes, but I love the show regardless. <3
I caught an episode years ago on late night (for me) BBC America and went out and bought the first four seasons. It's a great show. I always picture Tony someday meeting the CM gang...
Now that ignites the urge for fanfic. *g* They'd try to turn him into Gideon, and he wouldn't go.
I am a Bad Influence.
I solemnly swear I am up to No Good.
I like Wire In The Blood, but have to admit that after Robbie Coltrane and Cracker I do find it hard not to see anyone else in that kind of role as a wannabe...

Sad. I mean, how long ago is that?

ETA: I just had to check. It's sixteen years *thud*

Edited at 2009-09-18 01:24 pm (UTC)

Spoilers for Cracker

I made it through the first series or two of Cracker on grim determination and gave up. That would fall into the category of "British cop shows I can't watch because I want everybody in them to die*."

My god, what a load of unrealistically unpleasant people. (Okay, not unrealistic that there are people that unpleasant. But in the real world, we tend to get a blend. I've never been able to subscribe to the idea that if a story is about nasty people making bad choices, it's somehow more literary than otherwise.)

*That said, the part where Eccleston dies is really, really wonderful. I just wish I had actually been able to stand the rest of the show.

As for wannabes, well. I admit, I have a *lot* of props to give to the cast of Criminal Minds, who I think manage their characters with enormous skill--and two or three of them blow me away regularly with the nuance and breadth of their acting, especially since so much of the character development is in the subtext.

Re: Spoilers for Cracker

That would fall into the category of "British cop shows I can't watch because I want everybody in them to die*."


Oh, there's nothing redeeming about Fitz but I think it was his utter disregard for everyone and everything -including himself - that made the series addictive for me. Having said that, I don't know whether my opinion would be different on a second viewing. I had a different world-view back in the early 90s.

I never thought that Cracker was particularly literary or even 'gritty' which is the label a lot of pundits applied to it. It was melodramatic, often contrived and downright nasty - but it was played with conviction.

The strange thing is that as a Brit I recognised so many of those characters. Not the psychotic, knife-wielding ones but the cynical, miserable bastard ones - and I still really liked the programme. Weird.

Believe it or not I still haven't watched CM. I keep missing S1 for various reasons and I have a thing about not starting part way through a series. It looks like I'm going to have to mug someone for the box set.

Edited at 2009-09-18 01:57 pm (UTC)

Re: Spoilers for Cracker

Hee. When you watch it, give it to the end of episode 6. They set it up to look like one thing and then there's a disconnect and the magician shows his hand. As it were. (Sort of "Here are your seven stereotypical police procedural characters--ooo, PSYCH!") And then they start showing you how all these people are really built, and on what foundations, and suddenly you realize that all the assumptiosn you made about them were stereotyping.

It's lovely.

Re: Cracker: I think I perhaps have known to many addicts and borderline personalities, and I don't find them compelling for that reason? It's one of those cases where familiarity really does breed contempt.

Also, I'm kind of tired of the Dysfunctional Genius As Terrible Human Being Forgivable For His Genius trope. Because no, really not.

(Agree about the melodrama. But that, after all, is TV. Gotta keep 'em coming back. And there's nothing wrong with melodrama. Shakespeare wrote melodrama. *g*)

Re: Spoilers for Cracker

Re: CM - Will do! I've heard so many good things that I'm really looking forward to it.

Re: Cracker
I'm kind of tired of the Dysfunctional Genius As Terrible Human Being Forgivable For His Genius trope. Because no, really not.

Excellent point. His wife doesn't forgive him, nor does Panhandle (I think) but in this case the audience definitely did. *g*

And there's nothing wrong with melodrama. Shakespeare wrote melodrama. *g*

Absolutely! Do you find that when you point that out to some people you get the proverbial Funny Look? Because I always do - the "It's Shakespeare, therefore Good and Not Melodrama" look.

Re: Spoilers for Cracker

Re: that last: Melodrama is whatever I feel like running down today. *g*

Re: Spoilers for Cracker

Bwahahaha! Yes :D