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bear by san

March 2017



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wire in the blood, writing shadow unit todd remorseful

since when has the killing of one human being by another ever been 'jolly'?

"Can you tell what's going on my mind?"
"Did you torture animals as a child?"
"Then I'm afraid I'm not much use to you."

--Wire in the Blood
3x03, "Nothing but the Night"


Also, the "Oh, you're [book author] so and so! Can I see some ID?" thing? Has totally happened to me.


Okay, so I must ask; Did you netflix this? Or possibly buy the box set? Because, based on your snip yesterday, combined with my deep disappointment at having got the date wrong, and expecting CM's season opener LAST Wednesday night, I decided to go try and find Wire in the Blood yesterday.

I lost teeth in the damned search! I got new grey hairs in it! I got twenty five Youtube vids of the psychologist beating his cop at arm wrestling! And your continued snips aren't actually deflating my frustrated need for instant BBC gratification At All! Look at all those exclamation points! GHAH!

You can HAS instant BBC gratification. It's on Netflix On Demand.


Sadly, I am almost out of the episodes with Awesome Cop. I hope New Cop is also awesome.
Signed up for Netflix account. Check.
Configured player to receive. Check.
Settled in to watch sparkly new, by-gum-we're-living-in-the-future first episode, Mermaids Singing. Check.
Lost audio feed exactly halfway through episode.

*headDESK! headDESK! headDESK!*

I blame you.
See, at that point, I would say that you are empowered to steal that episode off the internets with a clean conscience.
"Also, the "Oh, you're [book author] so and so! Can I see some ID?" thing? Has totally happened to me."

Hahaha! Excellent. One of those moments in life where we wish we had the video. To show to the other person, and say, "Did you know you just did that?"

I just encountered a thing of the GRD type at the art supply. He was not impressed with the art supplies. But he was adorable.
My cats are similarly unimpressed with art supplies. Except for brushes, which are apparently fun to chew on. Argh.
My cats looooooooove those tubes paint comes in. Apparently they are Just So to puncture with those specialized puncturing teeth they have. I had to buy a metal filing cabinet for my paints, and can't turn my back on a tube of paint for even a minute.
My scribal box has a chunk of packing foam wedged in it with slits cut into it to suspend the good brushes because the late Striped Cat of Chaos liked to gnaw on the bristle ends. Leaving wet brushes bristle-up in an empty jar to dry was a practice fraught with peril and doomed to disaster as far as the brushes were concerned. The Tasmanian Tortoiseshell, at least as far as I have been able to discern, is less enamored of brush bristles such that she is perfectly happy gnawing on the non-bristle end and indeed can be decoyed away from the brush with the substitution of a ballpoint pen.
*g* Art supplies are not much fun when your entire body is a paintbrush.
This comment is begging for a photo essay in Why GRDs Paint. :-)
Or do not paint.
Obviously it would require heavy use of Photoshop and Illustrator. ;-)
On the other hand, people might know what Jo Rowling LOOKS like...