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Sixteen down.

Four to go.

I got a little over a thousand words apiece this morning on The Stratford Man and the YA thing. I also figured out exactly what happens in each of the last four scenes in Act IV. And including only ten pages of outline and notes left, I have an even 900 pages of book.

Done with the draft by early November. That's my goal. And then I can reread and tidy and work my sentence-level and my characterization and add my sixteen bulletpoints of setup and foreshadowing to the first two acts. And then I will have something like 1200 pages of book.

And then I will be done with a complete draft by Thanksgiving. And I will have the Christmas Present from Hell to send to Jenn. *g*

And then I don't have to look at a damned thing related to writing unless I want to or I get a rewrite request between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

Now you all know the plan. So you can watch it survive contact with the enemy. *g*

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