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there's no law against being a prick.

"I know I'm dyspraxic and socially inept and I have no dress sense, but I am NOT A WEIRDO! (And I'm sorry I've embarrassed you.)"

...yeah, that's pretty much the rallying cry for all geekdom, right there.

Also, how many creepy stalkers has Tony had now? Six? Seven? And I've still got a special and a series to go....


"What are you looking for?"
"Holes? What sort of holes?"
"Bedrooms often have holes in the ceilings for ropes and tackle. Cameras. Other paraphilias. Not here."

...not quite bemused clinical detachment worthy of Dr. Reid, but in the ballpark. And now I really wish those two existed in the same world, so they could go out drinking. And I could watch through a pinhole camera.
Tags: five minute's walk if it's not raining

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