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sew your fortunes on a string and hold them up to the light

I have had a very productive workday. Got up, went for a run with TBRE and the GRD, worked from 8-10 on Shadow Unit stuff and then started in in seriousness on the proposal for the Heroic Hookers of the Old West Steampunk YA Novel, which will henceforth be known by the working title of Karen Memory.

Whilst consuming a large mug of standuponit's Mexican hot cocoa recipe, I got over 2500 words, which was more or less the entirety of the first chapter, and I know what the first scene of the second chapter is and will be writing it tomorrow. My goal is more or less a finished proposal by the time I leave for Viable Paradise, though if I still can't see well enough to drive in a week and a half I'm not sure how I'm getting there.

Now, though, I am going to make myself some lunch (boiled eggs, walnut raisin bread, orange/carrot/ginger/beet juice) and start reading a book I've been asked to blurb until it's time to go climbing.

If I'm this productive with one working eye, imagine what I would be like with two?

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