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marguerite. don't forget that i know who you are. we were cut from the same surly star.

Urgh. Yes, I really do need to get up at 6. Because if I get up at six, my brain functions better and I get more work done. Whereas if I get up at 7:30, it takes forever for me to come online. The problem with this plan, of course, is that I don't actually like getting up at 6.

And now I kind of know what this next scene is meant to do, and I know the character it is meant to introduce, but omg I do not feel like writing it and I do not know how to get in to it, so I am wandering arould lowing fitfully.

Some on, brain, only another twenty-five pages or so to go and we can call this a proposal.

In other news, Terrence Mann > Rex Smith.

So alive and still aching for more
We had dreams that were worth dying for.

Of course, "Where's the Girl" is a song on the soundtrack of a different writing project, one that's not currently supposed to be on top of the pile (get thee behind me, Shadow Unit!) but what are you gonna do.

Speaking of which, lots of work on Shadow Unit last night and this morning. I should probably log that.
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