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bear by san

March 2017



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writing eddas by the mountain bound

raven on the roof in the sideways light

Publishers Weekly loffs By the Mountain Bound!

By the Mountain Bound
Elizabeth Bear. Tor, $25.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-7653-1883-1

In this complex prequel to Hugo-winner Bear's All the Windwracked Stars (2008), Ragnarok has already occurred, but the world must still be cleansed of the residue of the former realm. When immortal einherjar war-leader Strifbjorn rescues a strange woman from drowning, she claims to be the Lady, a long-awaited deity, and defeats Strifbjorn's champion and lover, Mingan the Gray Wolf, to take command. The ensuing internal power struggles set the einherjar at odds while the Lady attempts to rally the community against a supposedly imminent attack by giants. Numerous fantasy authors adopt the tropes of Norse mythology, but Bear actively pursues them, channeling those myths directly rather than overlaying them on more familiar ones. The result demands much from readers, but repays it in vivid, sensual imagery of a wholly different world. (Nov.)

...damn, and I thought this was one of the easy straightforward ones.


(Commenting on the ARC...)

I thought the A plot was reasonably straight forward, with most of the complexity coming in when combined with AtWS* -- on the other hand, it may be because I knew how it was going to end because of AtWS. If you thought somehow Muire, Mingan and Strifbjorn were going to pull off a rescue, it might have been more complex. But it felt rich in setting and in character dynamics and had enough twists to make the plot work even with knowing that it would end the way AtWS began.

* A lot of threads that suddenly add to the situation as portrayed in AtWS. It worked for me as a prequel, since it both was an interesting story even knowing the ending, and added information to the previous book.

Re: (Commenting on the ARC...)

Thank you!
That's wonderful. Yay.
Can't wait for this one to land in my local bookstore. Mmm, new Bear book goodness.
Coincidentally, I just started AtWS today. Well, late last night... :-)
I haven't read BtMB yet, but I've had mixed results in giving your books that deal with mythology to people. I have adored them and thought they were exactly as straight forward as they should be, while not being so much so as to belie the subject matter, but I gave the modern day Promethean Age books to my dad and then later on I had to walk him through them and explain what was going on part for part. Personally I don't think any of your writing (that I've read at least) has been too dense or obtuse, even if some of them weren't about subjects that immediately caught my imagination. You've got a wonderful hand for weaving the threads of your story and keeping them going somewhere, which is something that a lot of authors who write in related playgrounds desperately lack. (Thank you for proving that there is some place in writing Farie between Mercedes Lackey and an acid trip by the way.)
I think it's a brain structure thing, me. I'm synthetic rather than linear, and I think that affects both how I read other texts and how other readers read me.
Great! I can't wait to read the book.
Speaking of!

This Friday was my first time at a bookstore since I started college, and I saw the mmpb of AtWS and am now a proud owner of a new book.
Thank you!




I just went to pre-order this because I loved AtWS so much, and found that they had your name wrong; Dear instead of Bear. Probably not a big thing, but my email to them will probably not galvanise them to change it as quickly as one from you or someone from Tor.

While I am actually writing may I say, again, how much I love your work. I will keep buying them if you keep writing them.

Re: Amazon.co.UK

Thanks! I'll let my editor know.