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and it's beautiful but it's a pack of lies.

It's Sunday night in the US of A, which means it's Shadow Unit night. Just a DVD extra tonight, but next week we have the season finale, Holly Black's awesome "Not Alone." Which I promise, will have you cat-yelling at the Internet when you realize that the next episode isn't until, well, February*.

So to celebrate this awesome imminence, I bring you...

...the promo to the second-season finale of the greatest TV show that's never aired.

"I've reviewed the photographs of the mutilated bodies," Frost said. "It would be better if I had the actual materials to work from, of course, but the local medical examiner is passably competent, and the images are detailed. Based on the way the bones are broken and the tissues stretched and torn, I would say that your subjects were forced into postures of prayer. Kneeling, hands outstretched and clasped together."

"Creepy," Daphne said, momentarily forgetting who she was talking to.

"Intentionally so, I would imagine," Frost said, surprising her. "If Agent Reyes has any questions, he knows where to find me. Have a pleasant day, Agent Worth.”


Falkner narrowed her eyes. “You’re saying you think there’s more than one host? Based on the tissue and the gum?”

“Based on Tameka and Carrie-Ann. Based on Chaz and me." Hafidha gestured back and forth between them. "Based on Hope Mitchell and her mysterious partner and possible murderer." She looked around the room, took a deep breath, and looked right at Lau when she said three words everybody in the WTF hated. "Evolving anomaly model. There's evidence in this case to support it.”


"I swear to God," Chaz said in someone else's voice, "Pearl, if you turn that boy into a sissy--"

Brady sat back hard enough in his chair that it left a scuff mark on the wall behind him. "Chaz, do not fucking do that again. Or I'll hurt you."


Sandy Cramer lifted her gaze. She smiled, leaning forward across the table, her hands spread flat on it now. "Oh, sweetheart," she said. "You really understand. You're like us. You understand."


Lau saw the moment before it happened. Half a moment. Half an instant. Not enough time even to draw breath, let alone cry out.

After that, she couldn't have been heard over the gunfire. week on Shadow Unit.

*not counting Sarah Monette's Very Special Holiday Episode, "On Faith," which will be awesome but which won't help with your season-ender cliffhanger at all, I'm afraid.....

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