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Derek, if PTSD is suddenly a reason not to come to work, we're sending your whole damn team home.

Criminal Minds 05x02, "Haunted," written by Erica Messer, directed by John Cassar

Typical for early season, a solid but unexceptional episode.

Derek Morgan is still and always vote of no-confidence man.

"I'm a blinker." Well, THAT was a weird conversation. Also, I think "So and so never blinked" has to enter the list of refrains....

Hotch should have put those photos away, unless he wanted Emily to see them. And Emily put herself forward because she wanted to check in with him, because that's what Emily does.

"Are you?"
No subtext here. Because it's all text, you see.

Tardive dyskinesia Drink! And everybody is blaming themselves.

I think I like JJ's new hair.

Public service announcement, drink. If Reid had been there, he would have given them chapter and verse of Adam Walsh.

Man, the unfiltered Hotch is kind of a son of a bitch. This is Hotch Does Gideon in Asshole Mode, but hardcore.

...Does this mean "Grab a shovel" is a refrain now? Because aieeee. (We've seen this before, Tobias. And it never ends well.)

Go Tommy!

I guess it's Hotch's turn for a Hold my gun and watch this....

Projecting much, Derek?

"Think he'll get over that?"
"How could he?" Refrain, again. Drink.

In which we talk about Hotch while talking about Darrin. Ayuh.

...and in conclusion, we're all totally fine here.

I should probably have something wittier to say to wrap this up, but I appear to have a cold.

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