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Phrases most frequently heard from my beta readers on this novel:

"Oh, Kit."

I take that as a very, very good sign, actually.

And that's Act IV, scene xvii and scene xviii put to bed.

May be a slow writing weekend: tomorrow is the local crappy Renaissance Faire, and tonight I think I have a date with the boy to see Kill Bill.

Also, still coughing.

It's already thread-tying-up-time in the YA thing (and then rewriting time, but the draft so far is creepily clean), so we're in negotiations figuring out the climax, but damn those things are short. I keep thinking we need to complicate it out some, in fact, but then I remember it's supposed to be short.

Got about 2K on The Stratford Man today. Figured out how to play part of the Underlying Mystery Plot. Tripped my protags down a well. I might call it a day on that front too.
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