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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds garcia mallory merlin

Today's heartwarming story

While on today's VP dawn forced march (you thought I was kidding when I said it was boot camp for writers) Macdonald and I recovered an enemy spy. An adorable, fuzzy enemy spy. Named Teddy.

Who, through the good offices of a current phone number on his dogtags, was prompty restored to his own side, although we considered a firing squad.

Scalzi snuck him provisions. String cheese. Scalzi's court-martial for aid and comfort to the enemy is scheduled for 0500 tomorrow, pursuant to a dawn execution.

I believe he plans to sleep through it.


awwww, too cute.

and, at least Scalzi didn't feed the pup bacon!
Reminds me of the dog Teddy from Magic Treehouse Books. Is this happening near Frog Creek, PA. perchance?

Oh, he is adorable.
Beyond cute. SO cute.
At least he didn't feed him a cappucino...

And sleeping through one's own execution seems foolish. Why miss all the excitement?
~dies giggling~
Hi there, matociquala! :D


Listen tho. A mutual friend, slash_girl
sent me to take a gander at your 'geeks
with guns' tag archive. for, you see,
i'm a fairly new Crminal Minds, Hotch,
Reid, and Hotch/Reid fan. and she said
taking a look-see at your LJ woul do
wonders to help acclimate me to the
show and its characters and plot threads...

Anyhoo, so far (i'm only 2 eps in from
the present at this point) & already,
your episode insights from that tag set
are ALL really well thought out, being
both insightful AND HI-LARIOUS. ;) and
i really appreciate you taking the time
out to write and post them up for people
like me to see. :)

Anyhoo - besides CM - we both like fantasy,
scifi, reading, and writing. :D And since we
do have many of the same hobbies, i've decided
to friend you. Hope you don't mind and mayhaps
will friend me back. :) I also love traveling
a whole lot, particularly if it's to Australia,
New Zealand, Scotland/England/Wales/Ireland,
or France. :)

In RL, I'm a viddin' writerly, 'boardin' chick
(who'll be 26 four days from now - oct 11), who
really enjoys making new friends...And you seem
like just the kind of kool kat i could hang out
and talk fandom with here on LJ. so? how about
it? can you do for having another new friend???

i know i sure could! :D

a new pal
of yours,
Sharma :)
Hi there! I am pleased to meet you!

I am currently somewhere near my reading limit on lj, or possibly a little bit over it, because at present I go through long periods where I can't actually find the time to keep up on my flist (too many people! Aieee!) but you are more than welcome here. Come in, hang out, converse.

Nice to have you here.
PS And THAT bear? Quite adorable...
only the provisions would have to
change a little. i even see cheese,
i break out in hives. *sad sigh*

~Sharma again
PPS Where in the world did that
Hotch hair trauma icon come from?
...as in which ep did you get the
icon's bowed Hotch headshot from?

Thanks again! Just curious...
Hi there! I think the "trauma hair" icon is from "Bloodline" is S4, though at this point I do not exactly remember.
hi um... was there ACTUAL trauma involved too tho? cuz
well he looks sad or freaked out or like he's gonna be
sick or something... or did you just decide his hair
looked traumatized in the cap? ;) Either way? VERY COOL! :)
Trauma hair is an ongoing process.
Great. Now I'm going to have to download and watch.