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bear by san

March 2017



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Rossi, you are mine now and I love you forever. I'm mailing your drowning bucket to Bontemps.

Also, Derek continuity of character <3 <3 <3 and every Reid and Garcia Wondertwins scene and JJ with guts on her shirt and just generally <3.

Apparently, by season 5? We no longer have to placate the network with early season simple victories.

Good job, Dan and Jay.

There may be a real writeup next week; for now I must go earn my pittance. Feel free to discuss.


(I still say Rossi's step-dad, but that's irrelevant.)

I love Rossi. His "I know something you don't" attitude throughout the interview with the UnSub was awesome.

Also, Reid can be injured longer if we keep up with this hilariously amazing and awesome Garcia/Reid rivalry.
By the promos for next week Reid's back in the field again. But the Reid and Garcia show was pretty cute.
Was I right thinking that Sean had a Cork accent? He sounded like Paddy from Gaelic Storm to me.

Why wasn't "crater creator" "meteorite?" It's ten letters and makes more sense!

So much love for the Wondertwins.
I don't know about the accent, but I wanted to kiss Sean at the end. And it wasn't JUST the accent.
Although he is NOT the step-dad who takes creepy pictures of you naked. (Mostly.) I kind of got way too in to the little storylines inherent in the 4 victims. And not just because they had my girlcrush Cynthia Watros in them.

Saintly Loving Wife Named Emma Who Liked Oscar Wilde and Cats as a Child= MADE OF WIN.

Fondling Mason Turner's oxygen tube=telling Shuler he slept with Emma= David Rossi has *Interesting* Personal Ethics.

Interesting contrast between a) healthier/funnier personal stuff (Hotch is calmer though still breaking my heart, Garcia/Reid wondertwins) and b) complete clusterf*ck in the casework department. They were one step behind the whole way, and JJ covered in blood/Sean the Hitman gave us our coda. (Also: My .5 of an English degree was good for something. Even if it was only ID'ing John Webster references.)
i'm probably not reading too much into what was said to be presuming Emma had something to do with why Rossi's a fed and not a felon like Ray ... am I? It looked pretty strongly implied to me.
I give the ep thumbs up because it held my interest despite lack of Reid. But it can't escape my attention that this was another episode in which the team Did Nothing. They figured out who the Planner was, and he promptly...turned himself in. They figured out who the next victim was...and got there too late to save him. They figured out who the Enforcer was...and lost him. So I guess they figured out a lot of stuff. But none of it did a damn bit of good.

Rossi ftmfw.

I have a feeling they stuck Reid at Quantico to give real-life Matthew some time off. He could have shot all his scenes in one day and had a week off. Because it's not a lasting restriction...he's back in the field next week. But nice try at the rationalization, Spencer. Honey, you're not an MD, and I don't think that PhD in engineering qualified you to give medical opinions.
Honey, you're not an MD, and I don't think that PhD in engineering qualified you to give medical opinions.

Yeah, exactly. "E" for effort, though. *grin*
I'm being very careful not to find anything out, but your Criminal Minds happiness makes me happy. It means there is still plenty of goodness to look forward to as I get closer to catching up (first four eps of Season 4 down, the rest to go)
How much did I love Rossi interviewing the judge? And Penny and Spence trying to outdo each other? Penny to Spence: "You're MY b**** now." *much giggling*

The only one who didn't really seem up to snuff was Emily.
Call back to Season 1. "We;ll go to jail AND YOU'LL BE SOMEBODY'S BITCH."



I disagree about Em. She was herself, it just wasn't a focus ep on her.
I just love this show but can only catch it in reruns, have no idea when it's on. Not very good here with keeping up with weekly TV.
Wednesday nights, 9/8c

or you can find other methods online
Are they messing up Jack's chronology as much as Hotch's? A few episodes ago Haley was saying he had school, and now he's just turned four. I'm beginning to think Hotch and Jack both have Chrono-Displacement Disorder. It'd certainly explain the mysterious "condition"; and of course, being away from his regular doctor, Jack's missing out on the treatments that normally keep it more or less under control.

Oh, Haley. :-(

Hotch was *awfully* easy on Reid. My wild speculations go in three directions: 1) last episode it was primarily women he snapped at (but cf Prentiss); 2) who's checked that *Hotch* is fit for travel?; 3) getting the guy shot last week calmed him down a lot...

When Rossi said "Ray," I briefly hoped it'd turn out to be Ray Vecchio. :-)

PSA: "Supporting" women by telling them you'll kill anyone who hurts them? Actually not so helpful. --Among various other PSAs regarding how to react to someone saying they've been molested. Go CM!

Is that therapist trying to do a cold read on Morgan? Morgan's not cooperating.

I still don't get 'arctangent'. Granted I always hated trigonometry.

5x1: FBI agent drinking alcohol gets stabbed in living room. 5x2: Cop drinking a heck of a lot of alcohol. 5x3: Security guard(?) drinking alcohol gets beaten up in living room. It's almost like they're trying to tell us something.

I guessed Rossi was lying when he said he met Emma at a hotel a few years ago while he was working a case. Working a case while he was retired, huh?

--And Reid lies, and Alison lies, and Schueller lies.

Did JJ not pack a spare shirt in her go-bag? At least she has shampoo and a blowdryer.

Rossi likes his trinkets.

Hrrm. They're pulling Hotch between "Snap and become serial vigilante" and "Retire and rebuild life with family". The former has always appealed to me, but I do like him and Haley. I don't suppose he could juggle both?
A few episodes ago Haley was saying he had school, and now he's just turned four.

That one is easily explained--he's in preschool. Although I do like your theory. *g*

but I do like him and Haley. I don't suppose he could juggle both?

He tried that and it wasn't good enough for Haley. Also, why would he go back to a woman who (most likely) cheated on him?
Crater creator = arctangent? I don't get it!!
A Google search turns up: http://www.indire.it/board/arctangent-crater-creator.htm

(Important note: when I entered the site, a popup [for bestantispyware3.com] arose, announcing that they had detected malicious programs in operation and urging me to click on the link to install their antiviral program; that has all the earmarks of a stranger's offer of candy, and so I backed out; perhaps someone more cybersavvy than myself knows what the razzlefrazz is going on there. Since whatever it is apparently has to do with computer software, it would understandably fall more into Garcia's than Reid's frame of reference.)
Am I the only one who was reading the Hotch-Rossi conversation at the end to be more about the team as Hotch's family than Hotch's actual family? Anyone? Bueller?

Also, did anyone else notice the counter-surveillance on Hotch is going to be cut due to lack of funding? I smell a return of Hotch!paranoia.

I think Hotch is calmer because he's had some more time to repress. Or get a therapist. Or both.
i read the conversation that way too, because "don't let it happen" has already happened with haley (divorce) but it's still at the "risk" stage with the team if hotch doesn't back away from the precipice so to speak.

i don't know that the funding cut will make for paranoia...i do think it will make for folet's slow-build return. not sure how long they can draw that storyline out without things coming to a head. (either it's a way for the actress who plays haley to not appear for the rest of the season, or it's a large-arc thing which needs to be taken care of by or at the season finale.
Hotch better not do anything more to Reid - he went into the field after his acoustic injury (by using Reid puppy eyes so the doctor would clear him), and flew when he wasn't cleared to. Even Elle stayed out of the field for 4 months after being shot - Hotch has only been out 4 weeks.

Absolutely loved the Reid/Garcia scenes and can't wait for more.