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and the painted ponies go up and down

Save me, Internets! You're my only hope!

Quick! Haunted/possessed/demonic/evil/magical carousel horses! Fiction or alleged nonfiction, genre and medium unimportant. I know there are a ton of these out there, and the Oak Bluffs ponies (which are clearly bound demons--compare horses at other antique carousels in San Diego CA and Hartford, CT*) have me thinking about whether there's an interesting way to reinvent them.

ETA: No really, guys. I'm looking for EXISTING STORIES AND FOLKLORE about magic carousel horses. Not links to historical carousels, and not suggestions as to what I should write about. Thank you!

*Here is my most beloved horse at the Bushnell Park carousel. Isn't he gorgeous? 

Tags: all knowledge is contained in lj, painted ponies
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