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I am engaging in Displacement Activity. I harvested out what was still out there in the garden and not underground, and then I pickled leeks and wax peppers and used habaneros and rosemary to make TNH's habanero oil. I also engaged in leftover salvage to make twice-cooked pasta and a veggie cheese sauce.

Now, further displacement includes wondering if going to Penzey's and buying vanilla beans and ancho chiles to make vanilla/chile extract for use in brownies and cocoa is a reasonable use of my day. (Ooo, and while I was out I could pick up oranges, and garlic, and apple cider...)

...and go to the bank.

I do need to go to the bank.

*eyes bottle of white rum*
*bottle of white rum eyes back*

My inner Chaz may be winning this one. (Ancho. Vanilla. Brownies. OMG.)
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