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No shit there I was--

Okay, so we all know the difference between a fairy tale and a war story, right?

It is this: a fairy tale starts, "Once upon a time..." A war story begins, "No shit, there I was."

So one of the more amazing things that happened at VPXIII was Sean Craven's chili dog casserole, which is sort of the culinary equivalent of crack!fic.

The recipe is posted here, and, well, it's the funniest recipe you're likely to read in the extended internet absence of standuponit.

You can feel the chemicals crawling around in your veins on little spiked feet afterwards. It's kind of a humbling experience.

And if I ever make it, it will involve Velveeta.
Tags: 0.o, can't sleep clowns will eat me, face down in the cheerios again, food snuff porn, viable paradise

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