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they'd synchronize their watches and their heartbeats and their ribcages

Woke up this morning to a solid frost which left the yard silver and may have been the end of the lettuce, and spent the morning cleaning out cabinets in pursuit of the &^%*&%^*^%$ brewer's moths, because life imitates--right, you don't know about the brewer's moths yet. Ahem. Anyway, I threw out a bunch of dry goods, which makes me sad. Apparently, this batch of moths arrived in a bag of beans, if I am interpreting the spoor correctly. Memo to me, seal beans in plastic bags upon purchase.

Today is a largely unscheduled day, unless I feel well enough to climb, which is still up in the air. But I will be making heresluck's amazing white bean and rosemary soup, an unvegetarian version (because I have chicken bones that need used). So after I shower I might run out to the Highland Park Market and buy more beans (hopefully without moth larvae), celery, and a loaf of the good garlicky ciabatta. MMm. Ciabatta.

Then I'm going to get started on the next round of research. La.

It's a good life. The dog is making stretching noises.
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