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Criminal Minds 05x04 "Hopeless", written by Chris Mundy, directed by Felix Enriquez Alcalá.

'Why not?"
Oh, A Clockwork Orange just never stops giving, does it?

"Don't get comfortable."
Chris Mundy takes on class issues, and Morgan is the one who brings up race.
Understated Morgan is perfect all through this ep.
Morgan gets the quote. TWICE. Drink!

Morgan stunned by violence is a particularly effective tactic, and the last time we saw Prentiss that upset by a crime scene was Frank's Airstream.

"This feels fully evolved." Morgan hits the ground running. (I love me some Smart Morgan.)

The UNSUBs have a Woody. 0.o

Suicide by cop! An ongoing theme.
"I'm just doing my job." Refrain. Drink.

Aww, Morgan's got a girlfriend. And Garcia is trying to take care of Jaje.
My god, TV DNA testing that actually takes weeks. Show, I love you.

Ooo, nice stylish intercutting between Hotch and Morgan.
And Penelope might be just a leeeetle jealous.
Hostile cop is hostile. And Significant Rossi Glance is significant.

This is a very sedate-looking riot.

Hotch pleading with Andrews is very... damn, he looks fragile. And he's off his game.
"Andrews is a good cop. He's just too emotional right now." ...projecting much, Hotch?
And Morgan is all knight in shining armor.

(Insert Reid's S1 lecture on transference here.)

"Good." Oh, honey. You have no idea.

Garcia has character continuity! She counsels!
Hey! Garcia gets to do the lecture. And she's right. *g* Yes, my show is aware of the ethical and legal issues you could cause by getting involved in a witness.
Penelope <3<3<3

"The other one got off easy."
Don't tell him he got lucky, officer. No, seriously. Just don't.

Go Prentiss! Detail girl cracks the case.
And Prentiss and Morgan team up.
Look! More character continuity! Weekend contractor Morgan!
And Morgan turns to Prentiss for support, and then Garcia.

The profile is right, but the motive is wrong. Except not exactly, because it's on a grander scale than just the economy or the gentrification. It's systemic, and even a grail knight can't fix that. Sorry, man.

"We go in first."
"Your case."

...and Butch and Sundance much? Yeah, just so. Take it all apart, Chris and Eddie.

"Our job is done."
Except it's not, exactly, and Morgan and JJ and Reid bear witness to the part that isn't finished. Because it ain't over until it's over.

...and this ain't over yet.

Nice cinematography. Unsubtle, but beautiful. Somebody's been watching some John Woo. And oh, so much win.

If you cannot stop it, you at least choose not to be a party to it. Sometimes, the only one you can save is yourself, and sometimes, only for a clean death.

Sometimes, all you can do is not avert your eyes. And these things are heroism too--and I think the last time we got the Big Damn Heroes thing, it was at the end of Legacy, and the focus of it was CotW Cal McGee. Because my show doesn't do big damn heroes unless it's making a point, by god.

(Shoutout to the end of "To Hell... ...and Back" much?)

(and then of course the question. Could Hotch have saved these ones, too? Once upon a time, he would have tried. Except maybe not, because there is always the end of "A Real Rain" to consider.

Dude, talk about long-term payoff on a beautiful setup.)

...and now we return you to your regularly-scheduled drinking on the job.

And Garcia's gorgeous reaction shot. Oh, Pen, you pwn.

And in conclusion, Oh, Derek, baby, no. Listen to your nerdgirl, honey. I realize you need to heal your childhood trauma, but listen to the nerd.

Yep. That was my show.
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