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i want to 'lectrify my soul

Five things make a post, and I miss wilfulcait.

1) Figured out a bunch about the devil ponies in the shower this morning, so I'm going to go write that down in a minute here.

2) Breakfast just now was garlic ciabatta with habanero lime oil and harissa on it. (Harissa is a new discovery. What I just had was not as good as the kind TNH had at Viable Paradise, and it has left me wondering how hard this stuff can possibly be to make.) Breakfast dessert was cottage cheese with strawberries and a splash of balsamic vinegar. I offered the bowl to the dog, but he declined: cottage cheese is for dogs, but vinegar not so much.

Don't you wish you lived with me?

3) the fingerless gloves (mitts, technically) my mom made for me cover my wrist braces completely. Score!

4) My toes are cold and I would go get a blanket, but the dog is being snuggly and I don't want to disturb him.

5) Woke up mostly not-sick this morning, and did experimental yoga, which went well. So now all I have to do is work out the inactivity kinks and I shall be back to normal, I hope. If I have time before I head north this afternoon, maybe there will be a Dogwalking.

Bonus Thing) There are worse ways to be memorialized than in an internet meme. I wonder how many people who every so often do a five-things post ever knew the source of it?
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