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something that's so close and still so far out of reach

Well, I didn't make it to yoga this morning--not surprising, as I got home from Massachusetts last night late and shut the alarm off rather than arising when I was spoda. Ahh, spoda, the vilest word in the English language.

What? It's not English? Well, good, It doesn't deserve to be.

Anyway, notable of the trip:
  • Williams College is beautiful, and so are the Berkshires, but we knew that.
  • Williams College fed us, so if you thought about showing up and didn't, you missed cookies! and dolmas! and other things. Totally spiffy.
  • The Inkberry people are awesome, and they also fed us.
  • The Giant Ridiculous Dog came with me (as I was leaving, he kept looking pointedly at his leash and seatbelt, and I caved). Since I got lost at the college and he needed a break after the two and a half hours in the car, he came into the auditorium with me, and he was a perfect gentleman the whole time, except for one bark when we were applauding after Maggie's reading. Which, honestly, it was a story worth barking for!
  •  The outing was most likely very good for him, socially. He was quite nervous at first, but nobody killed him, and he got many pets and made several new friends.
  • stealthmuffin was kind enough to hold his leash while I was reading, and except for trying to climb into her lap, he was mostly good for her, too.
  • We had more audience than readers, which is always a sign of success!
  • And then we came home safe.
  • It snowed in both directions. Just flurries, but this is early snow for us. Oh, yeah, it's going to be quite a winter.

And now I should probably shower and look up showtimes for Where the Wild Things Are, so I can see it tonight with The Jeff and TBRE, before all y'all spoil me.


Maurice Sendak?

...oh. *g*
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