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hold it right there. we're the police.

Well, I can tell a book is growing in my head, because I have no room in there for anything else. I particularly liked the bit where I went upstairs five separate times to get a book I need to mail out, and the envelopes, and came down with socks, and laundry, and-- finally the book. And not the envelopes.

Yeah, hai thar book brain.

In any case, other signs of book gestation include the annoying itch to write and nothing in my head to write about, finally getting around to all kinds of long-put-off tasks (like cleaning out my backpack).

So that being accomplished, I think I will sit here with the dog and watch Supercop, for the joy of tiny cute Jackie Chan being so excellent at things that he makes it look like effortless play. Talk about sprezzatura...

Not to mention Michelle Yeoh kicking ass in a cardigan and pigtails.
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