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awaiting the snowpocalypse

Today, ashacat and Sunil and I went to the Glastonbury apple festival, where we ate all kinds of things that are absolutely terrible for you (Sunil liked chicken nuggets (with honey mustard!) and cheese fries, both of which were new to him, and cheese pizza, which was not. He did not get to try my caramel apple. The caramel apple and the apple pie were the healthiest things I have so far eaten today, except an apple just now: I think that dinner tonight needs to be fish and veggies or something, lest I just up and die.) and Sunil looked at fire trucks and a merry go round and a person in a dog suit and a toy truck and all kinds of things, including some beautiful wooden mobiles. I bought him one that had the sun, moon ("Moo!"), and stars: he was pretty excited when we got home and I brought it out and he realized that he got to keep it for always.

He's still only moderately verbal (not sentences, but a few verbs--"Go!" and "Nom!"--and mostly proper nouns with a few things. Also, some adjectives now, including "Blue!") but he understands an awful lot more than he says.

Then we hung around with netcurmudgeon for a bit and I helped him carry an air conditioner down cellar.

Very rewarding.

Over the course of it, I ripped my jeans from waistband to hip pocket (thank dog for shirt-tails) which was sad but predictable, as I think I wore these same jeans to Torcon in 2003, and the sister pair failed last week. So on the way home I stopped at Old Navy and got a blue pair and a black pair, and also some pajama bottoms that are striped in green and blue and yellow and make me very happy. I also picked up two cheap long-sleeved T-shirts and three bra tanks for layering, because it's hard to have too many of such things in New England.

And now I have presentable jeans for the first time in a year or so.

Now I am home on the sofa with the dog, drinking some peach white tea, and contemplating reading Barbara Tuchman as soon as I take my online scrabble turns. There seems to be some suspicion of a nor'easter tonight and tomorrow, and we might get upwards of an inch of snow. This early in the year, that bodes a hard winter.

But we have dog food and toilet paper a plenty, and I just went and found my cardigans in the bottom of the closet. So it's unlikely we'll die of it.

TBRE and The Jeff and I had been talking about late-season camping in Arcadia next weekend, but I suspect if there's snow on the ground, we might bail. Also, there may be rain, and well--I'm right hard, it's true, but I'm also not stupid, and the whole point of camping is to go and unplug and have fun. And swimming to your tent through ice water is not fun.
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