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if only tonight we could sleep in a bed of flowers

Today's task: proofreading the chapbook that goes with the limited edition of Bone & Jewel Creatures.

First, a trip to the gym. Later, The Jeff and I are going to see Ian Anderson in Wallingford.

The snowpocalypse has turned out to be just another cold rain, which--given it's still mid-October--I have to say I'm not too upset about.

Ahh. New England.

(All right, Bear. Up and at 'em. Those benches aren't going to press themselves... actually, given I'm climbing tomorrow for the first time in two weeks, I suspect today's training would be better handled as running, rowing, and swimming, with maybe a little yoga at the end. Entropy requires no maintenance, but upper body strength sure do.)
Tags: quotidiana, the writer at work
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