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i rode back to babylon

 Tonight, The Jeff and I went to see Ian Anderson and his extremely talented backing band in Wallingford. It was a mostly acoustic show, divided into two sets as Tull and/or Anderson shows are, these days, and it was a delight. First set was mostly older bluesier stuff. We started off with Dun Ringill, and that set the tone--there was Skating Away and Serenade to a Cuckoo and a plethora of B-sides and more obsure tracks, definitely not tuned to the casual Tull fan. (Everything I said about Ian's sense of humor and play, in my last Tull concert review, still applies.)

There were two new songs, "Tea With A Princess" and "Changing Horses." Both very nice, though the second caught me more--for the Babylon reference and for the title, because it's the same title I once gave to a fictional album by a fictional musician, which pleaseth me greatly.

After dropping The Jeff off deep in the wilds of New Britain, however, my real adventure of the evening commenced. Because 84 was closed through East Hartford, for reasons that were not immediately obvious but which involved an awful lot of party lights up in the distance there. Because I'm from around here, I bailed onto 44 and bushwhacked home up Burnside Avenue, amused while I did it by the number of places I passed that have had some significance in my life--two elementary schools I attended (Center and Burnside); a library I spent many hours at as a kid (Raymond library); Martin Park and the Kentucky Fried Chicken across the street, where I used to eat when I was six or so; a place I gave blood once; the place the comic book store used to be; the place where I got my ink done (Guideline Tattoo: he does amazing work); two places I have lived and one I nearly rented; and two grocery stores I have or do frequent.'s sometimes quite handy being where you grew up, especially if you need to find your way home by the back roads in the middle of a rainy night.
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